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JAX Finance & JAX DevOps 2016 in Numbers:

JAX DevOps – The Conference for Continuous Delivery, Microservices, Docker & Clouds

JAX DevOps is a three-day conference for software experts featuring in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and methodologies for lean businesses. Join the software delivery revolution for accelerated delivery cycles, faster changes in functionality and increased quality in delivery.

JAX DevOps 2016 Program

Welcome and Opening Keynote: Elements of the Fintech Revolution

Sebastian Meyen Software & Support Media
Eric Horesnyi

Monitoring a Kubernetes-backed microservice architecture with Prometheus

Fabian Reinartz CoreOS
Björn Rabenstein SoundCloud

Clean configuration - The foundation of clean code

Chris Ainsley Independent Developer

Banking and Docker Datacenter: how containers can drive agility

Matt Saunders Sendachi

Building security into modern, high performance API architectures

Federico Schwindt Varnish Software

What’s in your java application - is it safe? Can you ‘Shift Left’ to mitigate the risks

Nick Coombs Sonatype
Andy Howells Sonatype

Is Your Team Instrument Rated (or: Deploying 89,000 times a day)

J. Paul Reed Consultant

Super fast Workflows with Next Generation Engines

Daniel Meyer Camunda Services GmbH

Refactoring an ASP.NET/IIS monolith to composable polyglot Docker-hosted mini-services

Mark Rendle CloudLens

Container Orchestration with Kubernetes

Peter Rossbach bee42 solutions GmbH

What do you mean I need to change my build? - The story of how we are taking development to the clouds

Caroline Emmins IBM
John Owen IBM

From Zero to Webscale: Evolving a Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Dr. Martin Hoefling TNG Technology Consulting
Dr. Johannes Ebke TNG Technology Consulting

Everything is an orchestration problem

Liam Bennett OpenTable

FastData & Analytics - SQL, NoSQL, IMDGs, Hadoop, Spark - What next?

John Davies C24 Technologies Ltd.

A Look at Looking in the Mirror: Conducting Actionable Postmortems

J. Paul Reed Consultant

Is Your Ops Team Grumpy...? And Why You Should Care

Gwen Diagram Ticket Arena

Java-based microservices, containers, Kubernetes – how to

Ray Tsang Google

How the hell do I run my microservices in production, and will it scale?

Daniël van Gils Cloud 66

Crash Only Software

Antoine Grondin DigitalOcean

The Problem with Finance

Dr. Jamie Allsop

Operating the Spotify backend

Niklas Gustavsson Spotify

Blockchain - Disruptive service or just another buzz word?

John Davies C24 Technologies Ltd.

Beyond the Culture Deck: What You Don’t Already Know About Netflix

Mike McGarr Netflix

8 Things That Make Continuous Delivery Go Nuts

Eduards Sizovs

Increasing Code Quality with Docker

Laura Frank Codeship

Automating compliance through forensic IT

Prof. Steve Ross-Talbot Thoughtworks

High-speed continuous delivery: delivering large-scale change while minimising bugs

Stefanos Zachariadis LMAX Exchange

Build and deploy to the cloud using Netflix OSS

Mike McGarr Netflix

High performing system integration, Data Persistence and Analytics in Distributed Environments Using Java

Peter Lawrey Higher Frequency Trading Ltd
John Davies C24 Technologies Ltd.

Pragmatic Continuous Delivery - fully booked

Eduards Sizovs

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Monitoring & Diagnostics

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