Jax DevOps 2018 Archive

Introduction to HashiCorp Vault

Building an Accurate Performance Testing Harness

The Structure Of DevOps Revolutions

CI/CD for Humans

You build it, you run it: Why developers should also be on call

Fully serverless: A case study

Modernise your IT Landscape with APIs and Microservices Architecture

The Road to Continuous Delivery

Effective Leadership in Agile/DevOps Environments

Beyond the ICO: How to create Total Value with Blockchain

Building Geographically Distributed Microservices with Containers

Data Streaming: The Not-Go-Back Practice

Infrastructure as Code: Build Pipelines with Docker and Terraform

Production Hardened Services

Continuous Delivery with Jenkins: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Behavior Conundrum

Microservices or Monolith?

Continuous Delivery Patterns for Modern Java Architectures

Database Schema Migrations with Zero Downtime

One Size Does Not Fit All: Agnostic Agile Oath

Dashboards and Culture: How Openness Changes Your Behavior

Lessons Learned from Providing Official Docker Images

Using Kafka’s exactly-once transactions to build a Virtual Ledger System for Fiat- and Crypocurrency.

Money on Autopilot

The Modular Monolith - Microservices on Demand

Logging and Tracing for your Microservices – Log4j, Zipkin, and Spring Sleuth

An Architect's Guide to Site Reliability Engineering

Failed and Successful Stories with Technical Debt

SpotiSAFeLeSS? Is it even a model?

Increasing the Observability of Distributed Systems in Production

Uncovering Dark Cultural Debt

(SOLD OUT) Provisioning AWS Infrastructure for Security and Continuous Delivery with Terraform and Elastic Beanstalk

(SOLD OUT) From 0 to 100 - OpenShift, Kubernetes and Docker for budding DevOps specialists