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18 Feb 2019

Who are the most influential DevOps people in the Twittersphere? After analyzing thousands of accounts, we created a list of people that every DevOps enthusiast or pro should be following.


All influential people have something in common: they can spread ideas faster and better than anyone else. We are aware that following these people has a handful of perks, including staying on top of the latest news and trends. Therefore, we decided to concoct a list of Twitter accounts all DevOps fans should follow.

The analysis ranks the top accounts in accordance with their social influence, although interestingly enough, not all household names of DevOps evangelists are on the list. Moreover, the list does not in any way rank a person’s character, skill set or talent; it reflects her/his impact on Twitter from an algorithmic perspective. If you think we have missed you or any DevOps rockstar you know, drop us a line here.  Nevertheless, we are very proud of the list that we came up with. This blog contains the latest and correct version of the rating.

Congratulations to all influencers who made it into our top 20 list. Click on each username to visit their Twitter accounts or the list on twitter.


We first generated a list of twenty thousand DevOps-related Twitter accounts (including all accounts that contain the keyword DevOps in their bio or in any of their tweets.)
To score the account and rank them accordingly, we analyzed their social authority and reach using two key metrics: MozRank and Kred.


DevOps Royalty

This year we decided to we decided to include the godfathers of DevOps, what we like to call DevOps royalty. these accounts belong to the people who have put DevOps on the map. Don’t miss them out!

1. Gene Kim @RealGeneKim

Kred score:67
Moz score:857
Total score:942
2. Patrick Debois@patrickdebois

Kred score:60
Moz score:875
Total score:935
3. Andrew Clay Shafer@littleidea

Kred score:64
Moz score:855
Total score:919
4. Martin Fowler@martinfowler

Kred score:77
Moz score:940
Total score:1017

The DevOps Influencers scores

1. Simon Wardley @swardley

Kred score:69
Moz score:947
Total score:164
2.Alison Gianotto @snipeyhead

Kred score:70
Moz score:946
Total score:153
3. Eric Vanderburg @evanderburg

Kred score:72
Moz score:941
Total score:146
4. Laurent MILTGEN @kubernan

Kred score:41
Moz score:949
Total score:145
5. Paul Stack @stack72

Kred score:54
Moz score:930
Total score:141
6.Jeff Sussna @jeffsussna

Kred score:61
Moz score:920
Total score:137
7.James Governor @monkchips

Kred score:67
Moz score:908
Total score:137
8. Zach Holman @holman

Kred score:68
Moz score:900
Total score:136
9. Amitav Bhattacharjee @bamitav

Kred score:71
Moz score:894
Total score:136
10. John Arundel @bitfield

Kred score:75
Moz score:882
Total score:135
11. Thorsten Heller @ThoHeller

Kred score:57
Moz score:897
Total score:134
12. Mark Thiele @mthiele10

Kred score:64
Moz score:889
Total score:131
13. Dr. Althea Champagnie @Champagnie

Kred score:29
Moz score:919
Total score:131
14. Mitchell Hashimoto @mitchellh

Kred score:70
Moz score:876
Total score:130
15. Mark Imbriaco @markimbriaco

Kred score:60
Moz score:881
Total score:130
16.Liz Keogh @lunivore

Kred score:65
Moz score:876
Total score:130
17.Sathyajith Bhat @SathyaBhat

Kred score:54
Moz score:883
Total score:129
18.jessie frazelle @jessfraz

Kred score:81
Moz score:844
Total score:129
19.Kelsey Hightower @kelseyhightower

Kred score:75
Moz score:846
Total score:126
20. mike d. kail @mdkail

Kred score:60
Moz score:855
Total score:125

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