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Tuesday, April 10 2018
10:00 - 10:50
Victoria Suite

For any product, empathizing with your users – going beyond a checklist of requirements – helps foster a stronger connection with providing a quality product. In DevOps, this product might be your CI/CD platform and your users the engineers who need to deploy code.

At Adobe, we’ve developed a CI/CD platform used by dozens of internal teams deploying upwards of hundreds of times a day for a variety of high-visibility applications. We place an emphasis on user (deploying engineers) happiness and deployment integrity, and utilize our strengths in UI/UX to design and build a CI/CD interface and system that is not only beautiful and easy to use, but empowers engineers to manage every step of the deployment process with confidence.

This talk will cover the values we embody as we think about deployments:

1. How aesthetics benefit both the user and codebase

2. Designing a process that empowers every engineer to manage their deploy from start to finish, from day 1, safely, effectively and quickly

3. How features of our CI/CD platform benefit the user with effortless deploy queuing, multi-deploys, branch/merge management, rollback tools and more

4. How our team structure and culture allow us to quickly identify and iterate on improvements to the CI/CD platform

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