JAX DevOps, 14-17 May 2019
The Conference for Continuous Delivery, Microservices, Docker & Clouds

DevOps and Everyone Else – How to Support More Collaboration Across Teams

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DevOps is becoming more common – it’s getting used by businesses of all sizes, overcoming initial cynicism and challenges. From its initial success as a way to get developers and IT operations teams working together, it’s become a way to achieve faster software deployments and meet business goals faster. 

This success means that other teams want to get in on the act – from other IT operations teams that want to work faster and deliver more quickly, through to security departments that have to cope with more changes to IT taking place. And line of business teams that want to keep up with customer expectations and service levels.

This has led to terms like DevSecOps and BizDevOps getting coined – however, making these changes needs thought and effort on all sides. As DevOps teams, we can encourage this process, and help other teams get better results. We can be advocates for faster results and we can help avoid problems.

This talk will go into how DevOps processes can be extended to other teams, how the results can be managed effectively, and how to avoid old processes and thinking getting rebadged as DevOps.

Behind the Tracks

the process of becoming fully agile
Cloud-based & native apps
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Build, test and deploy agile
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