• Jackie Balzer

    CI/CD for Humans

    Jackie Balzer (Adobe)

    Continuous Delivery Patterns for Modern Java Architectures

    Daniel Bryant (Big Picture Tech)
    Michiel Rook

    Effective Leadership in Agile/DevOps Environments

    Michiel Rook (Touchdown Consulting Services)
    Kai Tödter

    Infrastructure as Code: Build Pipelines with Docker and Terraform

    Kai Tödter (Siemens AG)
    Peter Eijgermans

    Microservices or Monolith?

    Peter Eijgermans (Ordina Nederland B.V.)
    Jussi Nummelin

    Building Geographically Distributed Microservices with Containers

    Jussi Nummelin (Kontena Inc.)