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06 Apr 2017
09:00 - 17:00
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Web Hacking: Pentesting and attacking web apps

Workshop Short Label: Web Hacking Workshop

Thursday, 06.04.2017:

In this hands-on workshop we’ll all attack the training web app, to take on the role of a pentester one step at a time. You’ll learn how to work with professional security tools through a range of practical tasks and will also learn pentesters’ general approach for attacking web apps.

Of course, we’ll also deal with defensive measures for protecting the security holes found, though our focus will remain the systematic use of professional hacking tools for carrying out (partially automated) security analyses. Once you’ve completed this workshop, you’ll have practical experience of carrying out attacks on web apps, which you can transfer into your own software development work so as to increase the security of your projects for the long-term.

Workshop Requirements:

As this workshop is a tutorial rich day, there are a couple of basic requirements that need to be met if you’d like to take part in these practical tasks:
• Laptop computer running a pre-installed copy of the “Kali Linux” VM! This Linux distro that’s designed for pentesters can be downloaded for free from as a VMWare image (recommended) or as a VirtualBox image or also as an ISO image file. So that you don’t have to completely wipe all the data on your laptop, it’s, of course, perfectly ok to install this into a virtual machine. Because of the time it takes to install I strongly recommend that you install Kali Linux into a VM on the laptop you’ll be bringing along so that you have a runnable copy of it before you attend the workshop.
• Fundamental (basic) knowledge of working with the Linux command line is definitely helpful. But don’t worry, no deep Linux knowledge is required to be able to follow the supervised tutorials. Though, you shouldn’t be afraid of the bash shell and the command line interface.
• At the workshop, I’ll share the training web app via a separate download link (approx. 30 MB) or USB stick — which we’ll then use and attack in the Kali VM.

And for those without a laptop computer during the workshop: Even without one to be able to take part in the practical tasks, you’ll obviously pick up a lot of information from the workshop. Though, if you want to test your knowledge in the scanning and attacking tasks, you really should bring along your own laptop.

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